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Most insurance companies are starting to pick up massage!!!

 ~Blue Cross/Blue Shield: YES, a provider.

~Federal Blue Cross: YES, a provider

 ~United Health Care: YES, enrolled to become at provider, just waiting.... but can still bill them at the moment, but will be out of network.

~Cigna: YES, out of network at the moment. Can still bill them, will become a provider when the open it up for this area


 ~Humana: YES


 ~Medical Mutal: YES, out of network


 ~CareLink: YES, out of network






 ~NALC (National Letter Carrier): NO


 ~Medicare: NO


~Aenta: YES


~StarMark: YES


~CareSource: NO

~MedBen: NO


~ If your insurance is NOT listed, I can always try to bill it, but will have the client prepay~

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