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About Me

  • 2000 Graduate of Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV

  • 1999 Graduate of Equissage, Round Hill, VA under the instruction of Mary Schriber

  • 2001 worked under Dr. Daniel Kamen for Equine and Dog Adjusting

  • Member of the MMIP

  • Other Certifications Include:
    Certified Integrative Reflexologist
    Lymph Drainage I
    Hot Stone Massage
    Reiki I
    Craniolsacral Level I
    Working with Carpal Tunnel



My Note:

I specialize in Myo-Fascial Release/Connective Tissue work but not limited too.....I combine  several modalities to get a very beneficial but relaxing treatment, such as  Swedish, some Reflexology, Lymph, Neuromuscular,....We were  taught several modalities at our school and to be able to combine these  modalities. My goal is to help people ease their pain from Chronic back pain to  carpal tunnel to maybe just wanting a nice relaxing massage, but to always leave  feeling better..... 

Therapeutic Designs
514 Pike St
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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